Monday, November 28, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

We did laundry of all of the clothes we have so far. Can you tell I'm ready to be a dad??  Posted by Picasa

After one whole day of hacking, it's still pretty darn bushy... Posted by Picasa

This is me hacking down the privet that has grown into the phone lines behind the house. That stack of greenery below is about 4 foot high... Posted by Picasa

The next morning, we have a little breakfast and then I hop on a plane to come home... Posted by Picasa

This is Al's typical pose when it comes to me... Posted by Picasa

Several drinks later than that, we're all having a good time... Posted by Picasa

Several drinks later, they open a few gifts.... Posted by Picasa

We head across the street for some munchies and drinks. This is MacKenzie's Chop House - they have Fat Tire on tap! WOOHOO! Posted by Picasa

A very quick 8 min ceremony and a kiss seals the deal... Posted by Picasa

This was the judge's first wedding too - we joked that we'd send HIM pictures to remember it by.... Posted by Picasa

Relaxing before the ceremony (yes, that's a cancer stick in John's right hand) Posted by Picasa

This is John and my buddy Al (short for Alicia) at the Phantom Brewing Company in Colorado Springs. This is where their reception will be next year. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 14, 2005

This past weekend...

I was lucky enough to go to my friend Al's wedding in Colorado Springs. She and her fiancee, John, were planning a big church wedding in September 2006 - until he got called to active duty! With a report-date of Dec 4th, the scramble was on to get things organized. I was the only out-of-town guest that could make it on such short notice - not even her parents could make it. They're still planning on a full Catholic service (up-down-kneel) next year, but wanted to get the official paperwork in place before he shipped out. Pictures to follow....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You can barely tell, but this is nemesis #2 - the other oleander stump..... I also dug this b@stard out - took me another 6 hours... Posted by Picasa

I'm going to mount this and put it over the fireplace... Posted by Picasa

VICTORY!!! Only took me 6 freaking hours to dig the bugger up! Posted by Picasa

My nemesis - the oleander stump (#1) Posted by Picasa

We did more work on the backyard over the weekend... Posted by Picasa

The burn mark picture

I finally uploaded some more pictures. This is the burn mark that the motorcycle left on my driveway...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Blogging has been sporadic...

Because of a lack of sleep that we've had recently. I'm not sure if people are trying to prepare us for when the baby arrives, but this is what happened last week:

Wednesday night (actually Thursday morning - 2am) - we're awoken to an engine racing and a loud screeching sound outside of our bedroom window. Our next door neighbors (who are away and left their 19 year old son home alone) have 20 kids standing around watching a motorcycle spinning his rear tire IN MY DRIVEWAY!!! By the time I pull on a robe and go out there, they've all taken off and my neighbor is standing there with a hangdog look on his face. My other next door neighbor comes over in support and we look at the 3 foot burn mark on my concrete. Needless to say, there was strong language (from me) and abject apologies (from him) and I didn't get back to sleep until 4am.

Thursday evening - we go to bed around 9:30. At 10:30, there's another engine roaring, followed by a loud metallic bang - Lisa and I jump out of bed and grab the video camera (thinking the same thing was happening again.) Turns out it was a neighbour from a couple doors down racing into the next door's driveway, then getting out and shouting at him for the previous night! I got it on video - it's kind of funny, in a scary psycho sort of way. He was swearing at them at a soprano pitch and threatening violence if that sort of thing happens again. While I felt bad for my neighbor, I also kind of supported the screaming idiot.

Friday evening (actually, Saturday morning) - the next door neighbors friends leave quietly, except for the idiot that didn't realize that his trailer hitch on his truck would hit the road when he backed out of their driveway. So another loud metallic bang that woke me up - but at least I got back to sleep fairly quickly.

Sunday morning - due to the time change, the school a block away has its alarm going off every hour. It's JUST loud enough to wake us up and keep us up.

Needless to say, I'm kind of glad that the work-week has begun. I'm scheduling some naps onto my calendar!

Some pics to follow when I feel like downloading them....