Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm sick today. I never get sick. People all around me get sick and I am normally just fine. It started yesterday - I thought I drunk too much water and as a result my throat got sore. Silly, but I rationalized it. Went to bed around 11pm - even though I was up at 5am - but had to take Nyquil (or however you spell it) to get to sleep. Was coughing and trying to swallow - neither of which was working too well. Ruh-roh.
When the alarm went off at 6, I knew I was sick. Chilly, sore throat, a bit congested. I skipped my morning walk, took a shower and made breakfast. I commented to Lisa that I was cold as I walked through the house - you'd have thought I'd told her I was vomiting space aliens. I'm NEVER cold. It's the advantage to being fat. You're always warmer than regular sized people. However, today I was freaking cold. I almost put on a sweater and long pants!
She tried to get me to call in sick - but when you work from home, it's tough to NOT go into the office. It's not like I'm going to be making MORE people sick. However, in the almost 10 years I've been at my job, I've had a total of ONE sick day. It was a 24 hour flu that comprised of vomiting or pooping out EVERYTHING in my system, and after that I was fine. This is just a cold - I can sit in my office, drink tea and be grumpy about being sick just fine.
Well, I might blog and whine about it, but other than that, it'll just be like a normal day. What do YOU hate about being sick? Let's see who reads this before I feel better...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Although it was still a good day... Posted by Picasa

It seemed like it was all we could do to focus on our toys.... Posted by Picasa

Sunday was a pretty sleepy day. We all basically sat around recovering... Posted by Picasa

It was all too much for Elena - she had to crash. The cat, of course, sleeps 20 hours a day anyway... Posted by Picasa

We had a party Saturday night - a belated birthday party for Linda. Here, Courtney is enrapt by Lisa reciting Dr Seuss's Alphabet book from memory! Posted by Picasa

Say Hi to Max the multimedia system! He's taller than me! Posted by Picasa

A major project this weekend was replacing our old CD rack - which was a tad overloaded... Posted by Picasa

We also read a few books - you have to love Dr Seuss.... Posted by Picasa

A busy weekend has just gone by - starting with crawling practice for Owen. He can move backwards just fine. Forwards - not so much... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

When did 11pm become the new 4am?

Lisa went out to meet Mo last night - and didn't get back until 11:30pm. I stayed up (well, ok, I was playing D&D Online) and we crashed right after she got home. This morning, we were both UTTER ZOMBIES! Granted we got up at 6am when Owen started grunting, but still - we used to be able to survive just fine on 6 hours sleep with no problem. What's happening?

More ramblings to follow after some sleepzzzzz......

We also took Owen to the State Fair. Here, an outgoing rabbit tries to say Hi to him... Posted by Picasa

Just in case you think it's all sweetness and light here, we do have our upset moments.... Posted by Picasa

We're still waiting for the first official tooth to show up. Posted by Picasa

Of course, when you're this happy playing with Teddy, who cares how hot it is outside? Posted by Picasa

Wow - I'm surprised that I haven't gotten complaints for new photos of Owen! It's been really hot here, so we've been lounging around. Note the red cheeks on the little guy... Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 14, 2006

And of course, playing with the toys in the airport! Posted by Picasa

On our way back to Buffalo, we stopped off for lunch at one of my old hangouts. Gabriel's Gate restaurant. You can't really tell, but there's a statue on the roof with two torches - at night they're gaslights.  Posted by Picasa

All too soon, we had to come home. We got a nice pic of Nanna Dee and Owen. Posted by Picasa

He also loves making a mess at mealtimes. Posted by Picasa

Kids love swings - well, at least this one does. Posted by Picasa

Because Lake Ontario is known for fabulous sunsets. Posted by Picasa

Which Owen really enjoyed... Posted by Picasa

There were some Adirondack chairs by the lighthouse that we used to watch the sunset... Posted by Picasa

On the drive back, we stopped at the Cape Vincent lighthouse. A fabulous view. Posted by Picasa

We also had a fabulous meal at a place called Aunt Lucy's. Here's Owen being bashful because the waitresses were playing "Peek-A-Boo" from 40 feet away! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday we went up to Kingston - at one of the stores, Owen seemed enthused by the prospect of a SoDoku game... Posted by Picasa