Thursday, May 31, 2007

The great name debate part 2.

The reason we have a great name debate is twofold:
1. Right now, we're the family of four letters - Pete, Lisa and Owen. In a way, we'd like to keep this going - if possible.

2. Now, I usually sign emails from all of us as "PLO" - which I'm sure is causing some email-sniffing program to go haywire in DC. However, when the new baby comes along, we're going to be PLOX - where X stands for the baby's first initial. Therefore, we could be PLOP, with Penelope or Pachysandra, PLOT with Trixy or Teakettle, PLOW with Wilhemenia, etc etc*. So what would be a good name AND acronym?

*Don't be silly - like we'd call her any of these...**
** No offense to Penelope, Trixy or Wilhemenia - and BWAHAHAHA to Pachysandra and Teakettle!

For all those of you on the edge of your seat...

IT'S A GIRL!!! (The bottom shot shows, I swear to God - the "hamburger bun" as opposed to the "rocket" or the "turtle" - the nurse's terms, not mine.)
Now comes the great name debate. Put your suggestions into the comments!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Wait, that's probably too easy. Try this one.

Any guesses?
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Guess that baby sign.

Guess which one this is?
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Grandpa is a ladies man...

Even at his age, he still has young women running their fingers through his hair...

(yes, he was picking up her toy for her.)
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WAY late...

but Happy Mother's Day!
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Now he makes jigsaw pieces out of his toast!

This picture cracked me up.
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We've also stopped cutting up his toast.

Why do I blog things like this? Because I can.
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Owen! What's the sign for "fish"?

Yes, he knows several baby signs. Fish is our favorite!
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Kids in sunglasses

Don't know how cute they are!
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Then a short stroll

Warning - objects in the camera are larger than they appear. He's not actually up to Lisa's waist - just about 20 feet in front of her!
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Then we all took a self-timed shot on the new addition.

Not as good as the previous family shot, huh? Stupid timer...
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The next day...

we also help* Dad put together the new loveseat for the front porch!

*and by help, we mean clacking two of the long screws together until Dad needed them, after which we screamed our guts out.
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He's already envisioning...

how he can play with the box. It can be a race car, a space ship, a pirate ship...

Pity Dad tore it apart getting the stupid @#$(*@# mower out...
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Helping Dad with the new lawnmower

Means getting involved! (Look at his feet)
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Monday, May 14, 2007

I swear...

he looks just like my brother in this shot. When did Paul show up?
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Except when...

Dad turns off the water while I'm drinking...

(Save any comments about letting him drink from the hose. We all did it as kids and we turned out just fine.)
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Happiness is...

Your own private pool and a hose!
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Our first casualty...

As you can see, the first skinned knees! Owen took a mighty header outside our local diner last weekend, and roughed himself up pretty good. This is the day after, so the bleeding was well over with by then!
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This is what happens...

when I feed Owen green salsa...
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A family moment...

Caught in time! Is this a great shot or what? Many thanks to Lisa's friend Marie for taking pictures of us. Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut...
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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gotta love books!

Yep, he's his mother's son alright...
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Mom snapped this picture as he was sleeping

And woke him up!! Poor bugger.
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Owen's favorite pose these days...

is "Daddy! Pick me up!"
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Airports are getting friendlier...

Here in Reagan National, two girls were trying to give away free hugs! They were trying to get to 75 before returning home. No, I didn't contribute...
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I went to visit Gene and May last weekend

because they're getting ready to welcome their second daughter. Let's play spot the pregnant lady. I'll go first.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007