Thursday, June 29, 2006

Doctor's visit update

Owen had his six-month doctor's visit yesterday. Only 4 puncture wounds in the thighs this time - and good news. He's now a healthy 16 lbs, 10oz and 27 inches long - much better than last time! This puts him at about 55-50% percentile in both categories (as opposed to 50th for height and 10th for weight.) Looks like all those Twinkies and Ho-Ho's really paid off!

*wonders if anyone really believes we fed him Twinkies and Ho-Ho's*

It was an exhausting weekend. See my long post for details. Posted by Picasa

Elena doesn't quite get the idea behind the use of a hairband to actually HOLD BACK hair... Posted by Picasa

Ever get the feeling someone's watching you?  Posted by Picasa

Then we moved to play on the couch for a while. Posted by Picasa

Oh my god - there's a giant man playing with my toys! Posted by Picasa

We were playing on the floor in Owen's room - doesn't he look guilty of something?  Posted by Picasa

Musings from the last month or so...

Melodie noted in the comments section that I haven't written much as of late. It's true - I've been much more content to post pictures of Owen with a line or two than go into any kind of good, healthy ramble. However, a few things have cropped up that I'll share with you:
1. We watched Lisa's niece Elena last Sunday - only for 8 hours or so - while Rob and Wendi were away celebrating Rob's 40th birthday. However, the experience reinforced the fact that once you get beyond two kids, you're outnumbered! The first couple of hours were really hectic - it's funny how much you realize you're dependent on routine when that routine goes out the window! We were both knackered by the end of the day.
2. It's been hot here. How hot? Damn hot. So hot I stick to my chair. So hot I wilt when I walk outside. So hot I break into a sweat just getting the mail (ok, that one's really not much of a stretch for me. I can usually break a sweat just walking across a room.) Needless to say, the AC and fans are running most of the day.
3. Owen is being fed rice cereal once or twice a day. Attention new parents! Rice cereal WILL cause some constipation. Then, when he does let fly - OHMYGOD! The smell! Rice cereal causes stinky poop. The consensus is that this will only get worse.
4. I'm already dreading hiring another nanny in August when Courtney goes back to school. She plays, talks, reads, laughs, and sings to him all day long.
5. The cat has consented to being petted by Owen for about 1/2 a second per day. This is an improvement over her being at least 4 feet away from him at minimum. She hasn't nipped or anything at him (yet) and we're being careful with them both - but that relationship is improving. Now if I can only get the cat to quit biting Lisa's feet, I'll be all set.
6. Work has been a cast-iron bugger. A real sod, from 4am and 5am conference calls, to software configuration issues (making me want to kill my developer - bloody good thing he's in Brazil and out of arm's reach), to unrealistic expectations from management. Such is life.
7. Ever since my toenail surgery in March, I haven't been walking as much. I've finally gotten back in the habit by walking as soon as I get up. It's the only way I can get some consistency into my work-out, and it doesn't interfere too bad with Lisa's and Owen's routines. Hopefully I'll start to shed some of the weight that has managed to find it's way home.
8. I'm up to 1400 total pictures of Owen. I need help. What you see posted here is usually the 1 of 10 shots that didn't come out blurry (usually because of him moving, although I have drunk more caffeine lately.) I do have some video that I'm going to experiment with posting as well.
9. One person from work insists on sending every email to me as Urgent. All I have in my Urgent inbox are emails from her. Long, wordy, droning emails with 2MB attachments that I need to read. Talk about unmotivated. My motivation has been in the tank (see #6 above)
10. I'm in dire need of a holiday. This long weekend coming up is going to be bliss - nothing planned (for once!) and if I have my way, nothing WILL be planned. We've been busy as blue-assed flies lately, so a bit of downtime will be much appreciated. Hope you all have a super weekend, where ever you are!

Friday, June 23, 2006

I just love this shot too (yes it's from the other day - who cares? It's cute!) Have a wonderful weekend! Posted by Picasa

Then Owen helps me work by eating my headset... Posted by Picasa

Had to share this picture of the boys in the red shirts! Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 19, 2006

Can someone look up "puppy-dog eyes" in the dictionary and find out if this picture is in there? Posted by Picasa

Today, he's decided to keep his lips clamped shut together. All day long, except when he's giggling... Posted by Picasa

I love watching him sleep. He's happy even then. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

But not enough that you can't enjoy a few verses of "Head, shoulders, knees and toes"... Everyone sing along! Posted by Picasa

Which will wear you right out... Posted by Picasa

Another favorite hobby is "Climb Mt Mom (or Dad)" - here he celebrates another successful summit. Posted by Picasa

He's also taken to having his tongue stuck out most of the time. I think it's a leftover from his fabric-eating habit... Posted by Picasa

This shot just cracks me up. He's such a happy little sausage... Posted by Picasa

I swear, there is a semi-guilty look on his face - as he gets caught nibbling on his own toes... Posted by Picasa

Owen has decided that at feedings, he's going to take the spoon himself. Prevents an awful lot of airplane sounds by mom and dad... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

And we're happy as a clam about it... Posted by Picasa

Then we had a lazy afternoon playing in the backyard Posted by Picasa

Lisa and Mom try on arty hats at the Town & Country Art Walk on Sunday... Posted by Picasa

Is there anything cuter than babies in hats? Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 02, 2006

Gleefully stolen from Crash

is this link which will forever put you off watching "Star Trek - The Next Generation."

Thursday, June 01, 2006

After a couple of minutes stalking, Lola gets up the the front of the upper deck - just behind the silvery plant. Tom has her eyeballed, though - and the follow-up pouncing is easily foiled as he flapped away. I think my giggling at the cat warned him off. Lola was probably only 1/5th of Tom's weight! Posted by Picasa

The neighbour's calico cat, Lola, tries to sneak up on Tom. Here she's at the very back of the upper deck, in stealth mode. Posted by Picasa