Saturday, July 29, 2006

About 10 of us finished the night (and the champagne) sitting around chatting. Most of the guests knew Mad from college or her lab - at our table was an MBA, two PhD's almost complete, 2 PhDs that WERE complete, and an MD! Lots of funny, brainy people! Posted by Picasa

They also had special toasting glasses - Romeo and Juliet! Everyone, all together now.... AWWWWWWWWWW..... Posted by Picasa

Mike kissing the GLH in a strangely familiar wedding dress.... Posted by Picasa

With face-smooshing goodness! This is my favorite shot of Mad. She didn't stop smiling all night! Posted by Picasa

We have the cake cutting.... Posted by Picasa

The GLH gets a shot with Mad and Mike at the reception... Posted by Picasa

A gorgeous day, but squinting right into the sun for the group shot was a bit odd. In the background is another large cruise ship getting ready to leave port. Posted by Picasa

Mike's hands were shaking a bit, so Mad helps him steady on.  Posted by Picasa

Ok, just a tiny bit of red-eye here. Mad and her dad start down the aisle. Posted by Picasa

We were amazed by the sign outside of the chapel! Posted by Picasa

Lisa and Higgy dressed to impress (except I forgot my belt!) Posted by Picasa

The GLH (Giant Leetie-head) arrives at the Queen Mary for the wedding... Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 28, 2006

We're off to Long Beach for Mad and Mike's wedding! YAY FOR WEDDINGS! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We broke up the 4-hour drive home with dinner at The Blue Frog. Owen expressed his displeasure at getting back in the car again by beating me with his rattle... Posted by Picasa

After the zoo, we went to the Dave Barry signing down in Menlo Park. This is the other picture we got. The giant head is our friend Leetie. There's no good way to explain it otherwise. Posted by Picasa

Therefore, I spent most of the day looking like this. People were impressed! Posted by Picasa

However, Owen was far more interested in playing with Dad's hat than he was the animals... Posted by Picasa

Trying to beat the heat this weekend, we went into SF to visit Linda. We decided to go to the zoo while we were there. Owen got to try out the backpack that Eric and Tammy gave us! Posted by Picasa

A little fun last weekend

when we went to see Dave Barry at his booksigning for "Peter and the Shadow Thieves"

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A little video to share...

Click here: Owen and Mom

We're still waiting on the teeth to come in. I have some video that I'm going to try to upload as well. Posted by Picasa

Grandma also likes to play with my feets in the fountain... Posted by Picasa

We also like to sit and play on the grass! For those of you keeping track - he's on the sod we laid, which is bordered by the concrete strip we had put down, then the brown slate that I hauled in, then the sidewalk, then the blue mexican pebbles that are underneath the pots that we have run drip to. Not that we've done a lot of work in the backyard or anything... Posted by Picasa

Owen in the Pack-N-Play - what a great invention! Posted by Picasa

Informational update...

Well, another rambling post about lessons I've learned - about Owen, about myself and about the world in general.
1. I've become far too interested in my son's bowel movements. It's becoming a bit of an obsession with us as to if he's pooped or not. Every diaper change becomes something of a news bulletin to the entire household. Half of you are reading this thinking I'm a nutjob, the other half are nodding in understanding (and also think I'm a nutjob.)
2. The end is in sight as far as the backyard goes. We just have to buy a few more pots for one area and then we're done. Those slate chips were a bugger. We've had to up the watering schedule for the backyard because they have increased the total amount of heat captured in the soil. Only took us two dead plants to figure that one out. Pictures to follow.
3. We had a beer tasting here on Saturday for our Supper Club. Was quite good, if I do say so myself. We started with Lager (Moosehead), Pilsner (Pilsner Urquell), India Pale Ale (Sac Brewing), Brown Ale (Smithwick's, an excellent brew), Belgian Ale (Chimay), Porter (Smith's Taddy Porter, which everyone hated) and Stout (Guinness, which won the voting!) I also had a Beer Quiz, and the winner (Barry) won a bottle of Welsh Ale. I know, it broke my heart to give it away, but them's the breaks.
4. We hired a new nanny last week, and so far she's working out great. She's a pre-med student, lives around the corner, and her references had her walking on water. Owen seems to like her, and although she's a bit quieter than our previous nanny, so do we.
5. We called on another nanny's references and one of them actually panned her! I was amazed - you'd think you'd check with your references before you gave them out to prospective employers. Silliness. We liked that lady a lot, but the amount of drama in her life made my friend Al look like a nun!
6. Speaking of Al - she's one of the three weddings we have this year. Next week we're off to Long Beach for the wedding of Mad Scientist and Mike Weasel (from the Dave Barry blog) on the Queen Mary, then the Saturday after that we're in Buffalo for my buddy Sean's wedding. Al's is in September. Time to see if the suit still fits...
7. We're also going to go see Dave Barry on his current book tour with Ridley Pearson for their sequel to "Peter and the Starcatchers" - which is a prequel to the "Peter Pan" storyline. Everyone confused? Good. My job here is done. The signing is in Menlo Park, just south of San Fran. I'll be the one with the Leetie-head-on-a-stick.
8. There's nothing like having guests over to incent you to clean house. Our place was spotless (well, as spotless as you get when you have a 7-month old) and so far, it's stayed that way. Owen did us proud by spitting up 4 different times that evening - once right on LuAnne's pants!
9. Looking forward to vacation in August. The heat here has wilted what was left of my motivation, and although where we're going might be just as hot, it'll still be vacation. Doing a ton of travelling this year to family - next year they may have to come to us...
10. We've had Owen in the hot-tub twice now - and he's been briefly dunked both times (by accident, of course) - each time he comes up, blinks the water out of his eyes, thinks about it for about 20 seconds and then decides to cry. It's not a big cry, more of an annoyed wail, and we can distract him out of it pretty quickly - but the thought period that he has between the dunking and the actual crying is pretty funny. You can almost see him trying to decide if what just happened is worth crying about...

That's it for now - more Owen-y goodness to come shortly.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Guess who's King of the Hot Tub? Posted by Picasa

We took some of his bath toys in to keep him company. Here, Mr Fish is getting chomped on... Posted by Picasa

You've got to love a $1 baby float purchased at a garage sale... Posted by Picasa