Saturday, December 19, 2009

O Xmas Program

O's class had a 5 song Holiday program. It wasn't very Christmas. The first song was "The Days of the Week" followed by Dreidel. Next, was my favorite - "The Five Days of Preschool". Followed by Happy Holidays and a Thank you song.

1st day of preschool my teacher gave to me a cubby for all my special things.

2nd day of preschool my teacher gave to me two contract jobs... (It's montesorri, and they call the teaching aids jobs - just like Mom & Dad have jobs)

3rd day of preschool my teacher gave to me three books to read....

4th day of preschool my teacher gave to me four coloring sheets...

5th day of preschool my teacher gave to me five songs for me to sing

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Seriously - what 4 year old ASKS for a clock radio "like Mom and Dads" for his birthday?!?!

Four years ago...

I watched, in a sleep-deprived mix of amazement, fear and pathetic gratitude that I would never have to do this exact same thing, my wonderful and lovely wife give birth to our son. I'm stunned that time has gone by so fast, and that the tiny little infant who came into our lives that day has grown up into such a wonderful little boy. Sure, we have had bad days along with the good days - but the latter far, far outshine the former. He is truly a joy to be around. Happy Birthday, O.

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The Higgy clan (and giant Leetie Head) with Dave Barry

Thanks to Ridley Pearson (for taking the picture) and Judi Smith for sending it on to me!

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To everyone I know...

You - or someone you know - needs this:

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