Monday, February 26, 2007

Organized closet?

I was reading Mel's blog and she shows pictures of her perfectly organized closet - how I wish Owen's looked anything like that. We started out with drawers all packed according to size and weight - shirts vs. pants, pjs. versus day time clothes. Then we reorganized and all the clothes went on the bottom shelf of the changing table, since that is where we are most likely to change his outfit. One pile for socks (which I finally used a diaper wipes box to contain), one pile for pants, two piles for shirts (long vs. short) and a pile for full suited outfits (pjs with feet, overalls, etc.) - at least that was how it started. Now, I think there is a side that is more likely to have pants and a side that is more likely to have shirts, but it's a free for all. Owen doesn't seem to mind. He often walks over and takes everything off the shelf and onto the floor. At least, he seems to like it.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Video of our outdoor fun

are here - and here -

Even Dad can find one!

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And we've gotten a whole FLOCK

of ladybugs!

It's been so nice lately

we've been playing outside a lot
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Dad's new exercise routine

Now includes carrying the little guy on his back for the afternoon walks!
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The reason we were in LA

was for Greg's memorial service. There was about 170-200 people there - and it was a bittersweet time. The bravest thing I ever saw was Melodie giving her speech - laughter and tears combined for all of us, but she held it together through the whole thing. You can read her text HERE.

While we were gone, cousins Jenn and Amber (along with Jenn's husband Shaun and Amber's boyfriend Matt) babysat Owen. Helps that all 4 of them are teachers!
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And yet...

there were people surfing! This guy was BAREFOOT! My hands were red and chapped even IN my jacket pockets! There were seven surfers out there altogether. No wonder most of the US considers Californians nutjobs...
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Although it's LA

it's freaking COLD in the morning! I swear, there were ice cubes in the ocean!
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The next morning

Owen doesn't sleep too well - and rather than wake up the whole house, we take him down to the beach. Yes, that is dawn breaking on the left...
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We wake up in time

to wear our dinner on our faces...
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Which really catches up with you

when the family takes a walk!
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Then we showed Uncle Fred

how we can climb stairs! Up and down, up and down...
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All that flying and playing

makes our feet hurt - so we take off our shoes and socks!
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Once we got to LA, Uncle Fred picked us up

and while he was running errands, we got to play with a big dog! A live one!
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This past weekend, we went down to LA

and nothing makes travel better than giving your bear a nice hug.
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One of our favorite things to do

is sit and spin around in Dad's office chair.
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