Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I have NO idea why this picture was on the camera, but it's just too good NOT to post. Let's hear some caption suggestions in the comments... Posted by Picasa

On the way down, they stopped over in Pismo Beach at an amazing hotel. I didn't go on the trip, so I'll be buggered if I know the name of it. However, it's highly recommended by all involved. Posted by Picasa

Marcella chilling in her Laz-E-Boy... Posted by Picasa

Just a quickie trip to visit Donn and Marcella - at right is Lisa's sister Linda, and on the left, The Mom (Diana) is holding some tomatoes at a strange height. Makes Donn look a little sunburnt, if you know what I mean... Posted by Picasa

Lisa went to visit her aunt and uncle last weekend - on the drive down, they passed some brush fires in the distance.  Posted by Picasa

And as per usual, he'll happily sit there for hours while you slide him up and down. I think it's because we both were going "WHEEE!" every time that amused him more than anything! Posted by Picasa

Although he was a tiny bit confused at the concept... "You mean you WANT me to slide down here on my butt?" Posted by Picasa

At a garage sale, we bought this playhouse for $15! Although it's only 2 foot high, Owen loves the slide! Posted by Picasa

Yeah, yeah...

I'm a giant slacker. No posts for over a week. BOO HOO! Well, since nobody's complained, I guess I'll post some Owen-y updates for you all...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Until it was time to say goodbye and head for the airport. Don't worry, little guy - you'll see Mo again next year at the wedding... Posted by Picasa

So he just kept playing with his little squeaky toy... Posted by Picasa

Although Owen is not convinced.... Posted by Picasa

Before he left, we figured out that babies in cowboy hats were hilarious. Most of us were even sober! Posted by Picasa

Sadly, Will had to go pack for a hunting trip - Owen was crushed... Posted by Picasa

One by one, everyone left, until it was just us, Mo and Will hanging out. Will does a pretty mean dancing bunny impersonation, as you can see by Owen's face... Posted by Picasa

The next day, a somewhat delicate Pete (fortified by a large greasy breakfast and a pot of coffee) drives us all up to Boulder where Lisa's favorite Mo throws us a Sunday brunch. She invites all of the Boulder crew to come visit, which was really great. Mo and Will live on a couple of acres, and have quite the menagerie. Here, Blanca the horse makes Owen's acquaintance. He's really not a horse person... Posted by Picasa

We ended the night by continuing to drink heavily downstairs in the bar. The reception ended at 8pm, and we stayed in the bar until 11:30. That's WAY past my bedtime! Posted by Picasa

This girl's check bounced, so I'm posting this pic. I forget her name, but she was with one of the groomsmen... Posted by Picasa

Owen and Lisa went back to the room because he was asleep on his feet. Pete stayed behind to ensure the beer supply didn't run out and to shake his booty on the dance floor. However, Shawn demonstrates perfect "White Man Running In Place" dance steps, while Shannon and the groom's dad look on in awe. There are several other pictures from the reception, but until the blackmail checks clear, they'll stay in the vault. Posted by Picasa

However, before we can get there, Mary from Rochester has to get some Owen time. Mary used to work with me and Al at Linens N Things WAY back in a different lifetime. Fabulous lady and a total hoot to hang out with. Posted by Picasa

After a quick change of outfit, Owen's ready to hit the dance floor... Posted by Picasa

Al's Uncle Scott and I were the ushers - so we thought we'd ham it up as her bodyguards... Posted by Picasa

Also present were Dan and Holly from Buffalo. Dan used to live in Denver and is the HUGEST (well, even though he's 5'6") Bills fan! He signed the guest book "#78 Bruce Smith, 1 Bills Drive"!  Posted by Picasa

We were lucky to be sat with Jim and Donna H - good friends of Al's from Maryland. Super cool people and a ton of fun to hang out with. Donna played "Open the box, close the box" with Owen for a LONG time! Posted by Picasa

Had a lot of fun at the reception, including putting flowers on Owen's head... Posted by Picasa

As she was walking down the aisle, she had to get one last wink in to me.... I was at the very back of the church (I was an usher.) Posted by Picasa