Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's official

We're all in trouble now!



Yup, my PC is now up and running! WOOT! WOOT!

Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm sent out to round people up - now Josephine has gotten into the swinging business! Posted by Picasa

It fell to Dad to do the turkey-carving. We only snitched a pound or so before the meat made it to the table! Posted by Picasa

Luckily I have gorilla arms and could take this family self-portrait of us... Posted by Picasa

She's a big fan of the swing, if you couldn't guess.... Posted by Picasa

Having worked up an appetite, we then all converged on Mom and Dad's house for turkey. Lisa had recovered enough to push Elena on the swing... Posted by Picasa

And then behind us.  Posted by Picasa

We opted for the 5k walk - there was a 10k route, and you could run if you wanted to. As you can see, the vast majority decided to walk. This is the view about halfway through the walk - in front of us... Posted by Picasa

The cat is actually starting to be friendly too. At least she's in the same room as him! Posted by Picasa

We've also been using our walker around the house. Here's a rare action shot - usually I'm 2 inches behind him! Posted by Picasa

And our "scaredy face" Posted by Picasa

And practicing our "scrunchy face" Posted by Picasa

And eating... Posted by Picasa

We've been playing... Posted by Picasa

We've been REALLY busy this last week... Posted by Picasa


No new posts for a WEEK? What am I thinking?

Well, I'm actually thinking that I'm an idiot for building my own uber-PC, that the weather in Sacramento would actually be aided by skipping Fall (because we have a gajillion leaves out there to be picked up) and that Thanksgiving is really a bad time to be on a diet.

Anyway, I've got a gajillion and a half pictures of Owen to post, so I'll get right on that!

Friday, November 17, 2006

The PC creation, continued...

Well, I plugged everything in yesterday. There's not SUPPOSED to be smoke coming from the wires, right? CRAP.

Looks like I had a short in the power supply. Although I'll get a new one from the case company, I went out and bought an Antec 500 watt PSU as well. Much more reliable and extra juice to boot.

Building your own PC is expensive, if you get the good stuff...

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I thought of Leetie as we were shopping around some of the little stores. I wonder why? Posted by Picasa

"MORE! Gimme! FEED ME!" He ended up eating most of the muffin in Lisa's hand! Posted by Picasa

"Hey, that's pretty good!" Posted by Picasa

At Rio City, we give Owen his first taste of blueberry muffin.... Posted by Picasa

We went downtown to Old Sacramento - walked around the little shops and then had a really late bruch at Rio City right on the river. This is a picture of a car getting pulled over by a COP ON A HORSE for playing his stereo loud enough to rattle my fillings. We all cheered when this happened! Posted by Picasa

Although we first did a few laps walking Owen around the house... Posted by Picasa

Sunday, we lounged around the house - watching the Bills ALMOST beat Indy! Lisa and Marie made a massive breakfast and we didn't motivate outside until after the game. Posted by Picasa

We also passed by this example of SF architecture. Sean is 6'6", but this door was TINY! You can't really tell, but this hill is at a good 25 degree decline - our shins and knees were killing us by the time we were done! Posted by Picasa

The way to the brewery takes us right past the base of Lombard street in SF. That's the super windy part of the road behind Lisa. Yes, those are all cars driving down the thing! Posted by Picasa

Eventually, we get all warmed up and buy ourselves some chocolate at the square. We also do a little shopping and listen to a good little jazz trio playing upstairs. By this time, it's starting to get dark, so we head to the Rogue brewery for dinner and drinks before driving back to Sacto. Posted by Picasa

We get to the square and it is FREAKING FREEZING! The wind is cutting right through Sean and Marie, so we stop off to buy them some souvenir fleece sweatshirts. Sean has a little difficulty with his 2XL... Posted by Picasa