Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gleefully stolen from Leetie...

is my own animated Meez...

Video link to explain the "Fins" comment below


There is a Buffett song, called "Fins" - that has the entire crowd dancing...

The next morning, we met up with Paul and the remaining Greensboro folks to say goodbye over an early breakfast. Here, Paul shows that a) he is a parent and b) what calories you eat in Vegas, stay in Vegas.... Posted by Picasa

Buffett has such a great time performing on stage. He did two sets, plus a few songs in an encore. He did sing "Volcano", which is my favorite song. I sang myself hoarse on that one. Posted by Picasa

At the Buffett concert, Sly showed EXCELLENT "Fins to the left" form... Posted by Picasa

We had dinner at "Nine Fine Irishmen" before splitting off from Mad and Mike to go to the Buffett concert. From left - Higgy, Slyeyes, Mad Scientist, Mike Weasel, Jackie, Jeff Meyerson, Lisa (TCMH). Posted by Picasa

Of course, Jeff had to shop at his favorite store... Posted by Picasa

After brunch, we walked over to Caesar's Palace to get Sly drunk. This statue seems to have recovered well from last year's escapades... Posted by Picasa

Next morning, we had brunch at the Weasel-condo - here, Mike is standing at attention over the pancake pan. We had bacon & eggs, strawberry & chocolate chip pancakes, mimosas and Jackie brought ruggalah (sp?) all the way from New York! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

We wrapped up the night at 3:30am playing the slots at New York, New York. You can't tell, but Bill is actually passed out ON the escalator here... Posted by Picasa

Paul tried to get drinks ordered, but was stymied by the constant dancing on the bar... Posted by Picasa

And this one (actually the owner, Tena) posing with my buddy Sean... Posted by Picasa

At the bar were several girls from www.Hot-Teez.Com. Amongst them were such brilliant shirts (hey, we were drunk) like this one... Posted by Picasa

Until we ended up at the original Coyote Ugly bar, Hogs and Heifers. Yup, a bar full of bikers, and 10 professionals from North Carolina - a great mix! Posted by Picasa

Also, some interesting bands were playing locally.... Posted by Picasa

After dinner, we go down to Old town Vegas - to watch the light show at Fremont Street. From there, we wandered and drank - and took pictures of "The Rockin' Ass Show" sign... Posted by Picasa

VEGAS, BABY! The first day we get there, my brother makes it to the final table in a poker tournament. This is him holding a $500 chip for the only time in his life... Posted by Picasa

This place served REALLY large drinks - as you can tell by the margarita glass...Margie is trying to convince Paul not to jump in and drink his way out... Posted by Picasa

That night, we clean up and go to dinner at Samba's for my brother's birthday. Posted by Picasa

So we'll just take a nap instead... Posted by Picasa

Although we're a little nervous too... Posted by Picasa

We're just chomping at the bit to tell you our latest news! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 09, 2006

Then one last close-up before we go off to work... Posted by Picasa

Until Dad's pants became more interesting... Posted by Picasa

This morning, we played in the mirror for a while... Posted by Picasa

Although wrestling with Dad loses its thrill after a while... Posted by Picasa

Sunday was a sleepy day - we lounged around and played on the bed for quite a while... Posted by Picasa