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The BoC contents...

Bag of random crap

So - this arrived today. I had to post this, because I couldn't believe it myself. This box contains:
4 padded laptop shoulder straps
1 Talking Dr Laura action figure (ROCK ON!)
1 red digital camera bag - capable of holding about 3 M&Ms
1 Uniden handset - no base, just the phone. No power. Isn't that GREAT CRAP?
1 power supply to nothing in particular
1 wall bracket to nothing in particular
1 CD ROM for a HP Webcam (but no webcam) - and the crowning glory of the box:

5 Sansa refurbed 8GB MP3 players and headphones
2 Sansa refurbed 6GB MP3 players and headphones (one of which is missing the center dial!)
5 Sansa refurbed 4GB MP3 players and headphones
6 Sansa refurbed 2GB MP3 players and headphones
8 Sansa refurbed 1GB MP3 players and headphones (one in HOT PINK!)