Monday, June 25, 2007

Short rambling post

It's been a while since an update, and even longer since my last ramble - so here goes:
1. For Father's Day, TCMH created a Memory Book (on Snapfish) that contained all my rants and lists from the day Owen was born all the way up to now. She put the text on the left hand page, with pictures related to it on the right. Hardbound, 68 pages - came out really really nicely. The best Father's Day present a guy could want. She's such a great wife.
2. Owen will start at a local Montessori in August. Our nanny is going back to school 2 days a week, and he'll be in the Montessori those days. We want him to be around more kids his age, so this works out well.
3. We're going to be putting a sunroom onto the back of the house. This will act as one of our offices when the new baby girl arrives. Speaking of that -we've narrowed down the list of names. Not telling what they are though! You'll have to guess. Well, maybe I'll tell you later. Hehehehehe.
4. I'm amazed by how quickly things grow. The stuff we planted last year along our back fenceline is already growing ABOVE the fenceline. The reason I can tell this is that we're putting together our last year's photo album - and the comparison is just nutty.
5. We're only a year behind in our photo albums. Is this normal? Are you one of those people that prints out photos weekly and puts them into albums, or do you NEVER put photos into albums? Leave a comment with your modus operandi.
6. Owen knows about 40 different baby signs and he's made up one or two for things we usually have around the house (like the goldfish crackers gets a specific sign) but everything is still "DAH" vocally.
7. It's already been over 100 degrees here 3 days in a row. UGH. At least it's a dry heat - which does actually make some sense.
8. Went to a Tudor Faire this weekend - i.e. Renaissance Festival. Typical stuff - people dressed like pirates, knights, peasants, etc. Did two loops around the stalls, ate, drank and bought a new ceramic mug. Watched a few shows (including some bellydancers that made me look slim!) and came home. Fun and not too exhausting. I miss the MD Ren Faire tho - that one is amazing.
9. The cat got out overnight on Saturday. Not quite sure how she managed it. She's hasn't even gone near a window since then. Being outside freaks her out.
10. We're on vacation next week! Holy cow, it's next week! Now I'm in a panic to get packed! Mum flies out on the 3rd, then we all leave on the 4th - Aloha! No points for guessing where we're going...


Anonymous said...

Wheeeeeee! Three cheers for the busy Higgys!

Jeff Meyerson said...

Thanks for the update and the new pictures.

Personally, I'm about 10 years behind in pictures, but that's me.

Have a great trip. And say hello to McGarrett for me.