Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bedrest - what things you learn

Things I have learned in two and a half weeks of bed rest...
  1. No matter how comfortable your bed is (and ours is pretty comfortable), it is not comfortable 20 hours a day.
  2. Owen is pretty adaptable. He knows that if he wants to play or read with Mom, he better bring his toys. I won't be chasing/following him around the house.
  3. It is very difficult to lay on your left or right side and drink without spilling.
  4. There are only so many days in a row you can read 2 books a day before you slow down (in my case, it was about 6).
  5. Daytime TV can reveal how much TV you actually watch. I always thought I didn't watch that much TV. But the number of series in reruns during the day has revealed how much I watch - it's almost hard to find an episode I haven't already seen.
  6. For the first time, I am getting sucked into "reality" TV - Top Chef, Top Design, I'm scared that Project Runway is next.
  7. My parents are wonderful - they bring food, clean, and allowed me to outsource my Owen Fall/Winter shopping to them. Now he's ready for colder weather and has shoes that fit!
  8. Higgy is amazing - ok, I knew this already, but he really is. He cooks, shops, cleans and takes care of Owen - with minimal help from me. All while making it feel like he wants to do it and that I am not a huge burden. (He says he's merely spectacular.)
And for those that didn't know I was on bed rest, it's just a blood pressure thing. So far, nothing that can't be handled by rest. The baby is now considered term. So if I have her now, everything should be fine.


Leetie said...

All the best to you, Lisa!

Jeff Meyerson said...


That Higgy, what a guy!

Melodie said...

Hey Lisa,
I hope it feels a little better for your body to be lying down instead of trying to lift Owen. The most important thing is your health right now. Higgy rocks - I liked him the moment I met him and have been nothing but more impressed with him in time. You both chose well. Love to all of you and happy days ahead with the wee one inside!

Slyeyes said...

All the best, Lisa!! By the way, Owen stole my heart when I met him.


Slyeyes said...

Oh, by the way, beware of QVC, etc. A friend of mine was on bedrest for 6 weeks and said she nearly went bankrupt. For the next several years, a number of us received birthday and Christmas presents that I know were what she had in her stockpile from the bedrest era. Mostly earrings that I will say were very nice.

(The mantel clock, however, broke the first day. Not that I have a mantel, mind you.)