Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bag of random crap

So - this arrived today. I had to post this, because I couldn't believe it myself. This box contains:
4 padded laptop shoulder straps
1 Talking Dr Laura action figure (ROCK ON!)
1 red digital camera bag - capable of holding about 3 M&Ms
1 Uniden handset - no base, just the phone. No power. Isn't that GREAT CRAP?
1 power supply to nothing in particular
1 wall bracket to nothing in particular
1 CD ROM for a HP Webcam (but no webcam) - and the crowning glory of the box:

5 Sansa refurbed 8GB MP3 players and headphones
2 Sansa refurbed 6GB MP3 players and headphones (one of which is missing the center dial!)
5 Sansa refurbed 4GB MP3 players and headphones
6 Sansa refurbed 2GB MP3 players and headphones
8 Sansa refurbed 1GB MP3 players and headphones (one in HOT PINK!)



Leetie said...

LOL! Love the "to nothing in particular." You cleaned up on the Sansas, dude. But you didn't get a George W. Bush action figure!

I hope your Sansas are in better shape than mine. ONe of them just keeps rebooting and one of them has a recording of "testing 1,2,3" that cannot be accessed to delete. Not sure about the third. At a minimum, Woot has given us the job of disposing of their crap ... like batteries...

Higgy said...

I'm just gobsmacked at where to start. What the hell do you do with 92GB of freaking Sansa players? TCMH was laughing at me giggling as I pulled out player after player after player. Guess I know what people are getting for stocking stuffers this year! Love the GWB Doll!

Slyeyes said...

Is "Sansa" "Apple" spelled -- uh -- sideways and wrong? I've never heard of Sansa. Or Dr. Laura Action figures for that matter.

I don't know whether to try for a BOC, or be thankful I haven't. So conflicted. But I could use some laptop shoulder straps.

Derek said...

If only you could turn all of the Sansas into one giant 92 gig player...

Sly, I bought a Sansa clip (refurbed) from woot a few months ago and like it a lot, although it's only 2 gigs :(. I'd probably spring for a larger one if the price was right. Actually, judging by Higgy's pull, it might be a good time to check ebay for these things...

I got in on a BOC a couple of years ago, the big prize being a Robo-reptile. I've tried a few times since then, but never seem to be able to complete the order in time. I've given up trying, because I found myself wasting too much time waiting for a BOC to show up.