Friday, May 18, 2007

Wait, that's probably too easy. Try this one.

Any guesses?
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Anonymous said...

the sign for "i'm a dog who's too hot driving a car with the windows down"-insomniac

Jeff Meyerson said...

*snork* at insom

Maybe he's just sticking his tongue out at Dad? Or snapping his fingers and doing a Jets song from "West Side Story"?

"Feed Me!"

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing "Yuck! Vegetables!"

el said...

It's obvious - to me.

Look! I can stick out my tongue!

Sarah O. said...

1. Girls are stinky?

2. Yuck! Real worms don't taste like Gummi Worms!

Anonymous said...

If his thumb tucks fully between the first two fingers and he swirls his fist, well that is the sign for "bathroom."

Hey Higgy, does your nerdliness allow you to sample some reminiscence/mockery of D&D?

Thought of you as I explored this world.


Higgy said...

Deon - I've seen that before, but never gotten into it. Too busy playing actual D&D Online!

Anonymous said...

Oh? where? is it free?

If you have a KOL character, look up deonish.