Thursday, May 31, 2007

The great name debate part 2.

The reason we have a great name debate is twofold:
1. Right now, we're the family of four letters - Pete, Lisa and Owen. In a way, we'd like to keep this going - if possible.

2. Now, I usually sign emails from all of us as "PLO" - which I'm sure is causing some email-sniffing program to go haywire in DC. However, when the new baby comes along, we're going to be PLOX - where X stands for the baby's first initial. Therefore, we could be PLOP, with Penelope or Pachysandra, PLOT with Trixy or Teakettle, PLOW with Wilhemenia, etc etc*. So what would be a good name AND acronym?

*Don't be silly - like we'd call her any of these...**
** No offense to Penelope, Trixy or Wilhemenia - and BWAHAHAHA to Pachysandra and Teakettle!


Anonymous said...

no PLOD ? -insomniac

Bismuth said...

how about PLOY?

and are you sure that you want the word to be complete after 4 letters? What if you have another?

and why not LOPE or POLE? POLO? or even OPAL or ALPO? or POOL?

anyway, to fulfill your original request:

Toni, Tina, Tara, Tess, Peri, Page (ok a stretch), or Wren.

Higgy said...

We could do PLOD, PLOY or any other acronyms. Feel free to suggest, and then some names to fill them in.

Bis - I'm going to the vet after this one, so that should do it for us. Actually, Lisa's had a lot of pain this pregnancy and we won't be going down this road again.

What would be a good middle name for Tess? Tube? Tickle?

Kristin said...

I'm going to have to think on this... Always been a fan of Penelope myself but maybe that's because I like my friends with that name. And Penny on Pee Wee's Playhouse.

Anonymous said...

PLOT - Tina

Anonymous said...

oops! that was me


Anonymous said...

Higgy - you or Lisa can go to this site, sign up (it's free) and head for the advice section... they're pretty good with names (although they're not big fans of "themed names") but they can help you out!


Anonymous said...

The other option is that I can ask on your behalf.. I'm already a member there, and would be happy to do that!

Jeff Meyerson said...

This Pachysandra?

Well, they have Rose (PLOR?) so why not?

But was it "Peter" or "Pete" when you were born? You could use a longer name that shortens to 4 letters.

PLOT - Toni (Antoinette or Antonia)
PLOW - I like Wendy but that's 5
PLOL - Jackie says Lily or Lola (too Manilow?)
PLOD - Debi
PLOM - Mary (Mari)
PLON - Nora

You aren't going Welsh this time?

Jeff Meyerson said...

OK, here you go:

Welsh baby girl names

Mari or Gwen or Sian or Enid?

Anonymous said...

Maybe switch round the acronym a little? SLOP (Susannah - Suzy),GLOP (Georgia - Gigi!) or CLOP (Cassandra - Cass). POLE (Emma), LOPE (Evelyn - Evie), POLO, POLY.. The lists go on...

Paul said...

Since your name is Peter I don't think you need to stick with four letters.

My vote is Pauline. - PLOP

At least you have a chance at a good acronym. You can't do much with KPDR. Sounds like a radio or tv station.

Higgy said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions (well, except for my brother - Pauline indeed....)

We're not tied to going strictly Welsh, Jeff. Also, I have an aunt Sian and an aunt Gwyn (close enough) - so we'll stay away from those.

Suzy and Lily are strong front runners for now.

Also, we won't be mixing up the acronym - parents first, kids second - just our preference.

Higgy said...

Oops - also, we've got no problem with a longer name that can be shortened to a nickname of 4 letters. Hence Lillian - Lily, or Suzanne, Suzanna or Suzette for Suzy.

Anonymous said...

I'll ask a couple more people.. see what I can come up with! I love a challenge!

Blogchik said...

PLOA--Arielle, Ana, Annabelle, Anastasia

PLOE--Elizabeth, Elle, Eleanor, Ella

PLOZ--Zoe, Zabelle, Zhanet

PLOR--Raphaelle, Rachel, Ruth



Just brainstorming here. This is kind of fun. :)