Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The differences being number 2 brings...

Higgy and I have been working on what to post about the differences between bringing Owen home and Lily's arrival. That's difference number one - the first time Higgy would just send up a post and I would read it hours or days later. On Higgy's list are the following items:

1. When Lily's umbilical cord stump fell off, he didn't immediately move to preserve it in a scrapbook (no, he didn't actually save Owen's, but I did have to talk him out of it...)

2. He's taken fewer pictures (gee, didn't everyone see this coming???) Of course, I think it is just because he has his hands full watching Owen, he can't hold a camera at the same time. I also think he has done a better job of getting good shots not just a large number of them.

3. It's not really that Lily is different than Owen, it's that we are different and more relaxed as parents.

On my list:

1. Lily has her eyes open and is awake so much more than Owen was - I guess that's the difference between being born at 35 weeks and 38 weeks.

2. Lily actually breastfeeds - Owen wanted a bottle and it was a battle to get him on the breast.

3. I don't sleep when Lily sleeps - I actually get things done. This goes back to the fact that I wasn't as sick this time. Last time it was weeks before I wanted to leave the house, this time is was only a day or two.

4. Lily sleeps for hours at at time - 3 or 4 even, not just 2 hours. When Owen came home, he started of with eating every 4 hours but quickly moved to 2 - 3 hours. I am actually able to get enough sleep at night that #3 above is possible.

And now we at least have a post about this after talking about it for weeks.... I'm sure there will be more in the days or weeks or months ahead.


Leetie said...

Excellent, Lisa.

Viva la difference!

I still have Audrey's crispy little bellybutton booger ;)

All together now: eeeeew!

Jeff Meyerson said...


Sounds like you're much more relaxed the second time around, which makes sense of course.

The two years in between is so much better than the 54 weeks between me and my brother.