Friday, August 10, 2007

New school update

We ask if he is ready to go to school and he starts making the "drive" sign language sign. He may even say "da" and nod his head. He will go pick out which bear to bring and tries to open the car door to get in.

Once we get there, every day starts a little different - some days he won't walk into the room other days he is fine until I say I am going to leave. Each one ends with the same thing - tears. Yesterday he added a new twist. He must be getting more comfortable there because he doesn't talk much when he isn't comfortable. Starting yesterday he added "Mom" to his cries. The only reason I can walk away is that if I watch through the windows, he has already been distracted before I get to the last window.


Kristin said...

Baby steps. I'm glad it's getting better, but it sounds horrible.

Melodie said...

Oh sweetie that sounds awful for you. I am dreading it now, too.